New Office Hours

Office Hours

Weikel has office hours during the emergency closure to support registration of 1) new students, 2) existing students who would like to re-enroll(if withdrew before the closure) or withdraw, and 3) families dropping off next year’s OOD and OOZ request forms. We will also collect packets for Early Intervention, but ask that you bring them to the main office. Our office hours for registration needs will be: Wednesdays for the month of April from 10:00-2:00. We ask that parents wait/stay in our vestibule and/or outside and use proper social distancing practices if waiting in a line. Please DO NOT visit the school during registration hours unless you have one of these needs or are picking up an instructional packet for your student between 12:00-1:00pm. All online enrollment must be done from your home as we will not have a computer available for public use. There will not be access to public restrooms. Thank you for you support and understanding with this process.