School Hours

Please take a look at out FAQ link for possible answers to you questions prior to contacting staff. Thanks 

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Carson Middle School has office hours during the emergency closure to support registration of:

1) New students (for current year 2019-2020)

2) Existing students who would like to re-enroll (for current year 2019-2020) or withdraw

3) Families dropping off next year’s OOD and OOZ request forms.

Our office hours for registration needs will be:

Every Wednesday 9am-1pm starting April 8th-(please arrive early enough prior to 1pm so there will be enough time to provide you with assistance)  

We ask that parents wait/stay in our vestibule and/or outside and use proper social distancing practices if waiting in a line.

Please do not visit the school during registration hours unless you have one of these needs or are picking up an instructional packet for your student between 12:00-1:00pm.


Parents with any oth questions or concerns about CMS please email the following individuals for assistance:

For SPED questions: