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Sign Language Club Creates Culture of Inclusivity at Eagleside Elementary

A unique club at Eagleside Elementary, in Fountain, Colorado, is still going strong this year, in spite of the challenges presented by the pandemic and moving to a virtual meeting platform. The Sign Language Club started last year but is still active with many engaged members this year. 

Started by Ms. Kaufman and Ms. Pooley, who both strongly believe in inclusivity, this club brings students closer together and keeps them connected. With over thirty kids as members from kindergarten to fifth grade, this club runs virtually this year on the first Wednesday of every month, for K-2, and the second Wednesday, for 3-5. Sessions run for about forty minutes, starting ten minutes prior to meeting time to give students the chance to communicate and catch up with their friends to promote connectivity.

The club has worked hard this year to coordinate activities for their students. For example, the club participated in the annual school sing-along, signing the lyrics to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on Zoom while the rest of the school sang along virtually. They plan to learn and sing another song at the end of the second semester. 

Special thanks to Ms. Kaufman and Ms. Pooley for keeping up the hard work and connecting these students!