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Classified Employee Feature - Terryann Allison, athletic secretary

Terryann started working for Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 in June 2013. Prior to joining the district, she was a paralegal for over 20 years. She wanted a change and a schedule that would be more beneficial to her, having a family life that included two young twins.

When Terryann first started working in FFC8, she was one of the school secretaries at Aragon Elementary School in Fountain. She is now the Athletic Secretary at Fountain-Fort Carson High School. Terryann has seen many aspects of the district from these two positions! But through it all has developed a reputation for being hardworking, dependable, accurate, and dedicated to the children and staff she serves.

She started her current position in January 2018, where she is responsible for athletic registrations, game workers, ordering supplies for coaches, communicating with both coaches and athletes, and much more. According to FFC8 Athletic Director Jared Felice, “Terryann is exceptional. She is dependable, professional, and has a tremendous work ethic, among many other great qualities.”

Terryann has been an incredible support to both schools where she’s worked in her time in FFC8. The Trojans and Alligators are lucky and thankful to have (had) her on their teams!