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2020-2021 Snack Calendars

Please select the teacher's link below

Once the teacher's calendar is open, select the appropriate month above the calendar. 

Miss Ally        

Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Dee

Mrs. Gasser

Mrs. Kayla

Mrs. Nauert

Mrs. Quiana

Mrs. Rangel

Miss Tico 


Siblings ARE NOT able to visit the classrooms during regular school days due to licensing, ratios, and disruptions to the classroom environment & schedule.This includes birthday celebrations, volunteer days, etc. This also includes children in strollers or carriers


  • Milk: Conrad will provide each day
  • Assigned snack day: Once a month for approx. 16 students
  • Monthly calendars: check backpacks &
  • If your family cannot provide snack, notify the teacher
  • If you forget snack day, please send in a snack the next day.
  • Snacks must be:
    • Individually wrapped inside the sealed box
    • Peanut/tree nut free
    • Trans fat free
    • Store bought (Snacks cannot be homemade) 
    • Please provide a spoon or bowl if needed
    • Please note that we cannot serve candy or gum at school. 
    • If bringing a sweet treat, please also provide a healthy alternative (fruit, veggie, etc.)
  • Students are usually assigned snack on his/her birthday
  • Please be sure your child’s teacher & school nurse are aware of any allergies and/or intolerances.


Fruits & Vegetables (whole, not cut) bananas, cuties, etc. 

Wheat thins, Graham crackers, Goldfish crackers

Cheez-its, Chex mix, Pretzels

Granola bars, Nature Valley bars, Nutra-Grain bars

Rice Krispy Treats, Pudding Cups

Yogurt, Cheese sticks