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Important Reminders


Important Reminders

1. Visitor/Raptor stickers are for those wishing to visit their students classrooms. Stickers are not needed if parents are only signing in or out their students. Always bring your I.D.

2. Please remember to call the office at 719.304.3500 if your child will be absent or any updated information changes (e.g. medical, emergency contacts).

3. It is very important to have your child to school on time. When a child is late, their arrival to the classroom will be dependent upon available staff for escort.

4. As the weather is changing, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for school. We recommend having the child’s name on coats and sweaters.

5. If at anytime you are not at the bus stop when your child is due, please remain calm, we will never leave a child without a parent. All children who are not met will be returned to the school. You can call Conrad at 719.304.3500 or Transportation at 719.382.1335 if this happens.

6. Food brought in to share with your student’s class needs to be store bought and cannot contain trans fats.

7. PTO meetings try to always be once a month. Please check the PTO section of the website for more information..

8. A nightly dialer will be sent if your child was seen in the health office at his/her school that day.

9. Library Books and Bags are due every Tuesday.

10. Always remember to help keep our students safe in the parking lot. Please do not park in the loading & unloading zone.