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Student pick-up & drop-off procedures

Conrad Families,

We updated our Pick-up & Drop-off Procedures for the 2020-21 school year.

Please review the attached MAP for teachers' drop-off & pick-up locations.

ALL PRESCHOOL students MUST be signed in/out by a parent, guardian, or emergency contact per CDHS (Colorado Department of Human Services) guidelines.

Conrad introduced an online form to reduce contact with paper forms. 

Student Drop-off & Pick-up at Conrad:

  1. Parent arrives at drop-off location with the student
  2. While waiting in line, parent:  Scans the QR CODE form OR Opens the form BOOKMARK on her/his phone.
  1. Parent completes & submits the form & pauses at the CONFIRMATION SCREEN.
  2. Parent SHOWS THE TEACHER the CONFIRMATION SCREEN when the parent reaches the front of the line


  • Bring your SMART PHONE to the line to complete the process.
  • Enable the QR READER in your phone’s settings or download a free QR reader from the App store.
  • BOOKMARK the teacher’s QR code into your phone to save time each day.
  • QR codes are posted in the office for TARDY & REVERSE TARDY
  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS also need to complete the QR code form & bring an ID.
  • Students arriving or departing on the BUS will NOT need a QR code form completed. The teacher will complete a separate form for bus students.


Miss Ally's Form

Mrs. Cox's Form

Mrs. Dee's Form

Mrs. Gasser's Form 

Mrs. Kayla's Form 

Mrs. Nauert's Form

Mrs. Quiana's form

Mrs. Rangel's Form

Miss Tico's Form




  • Park in designated parking spaces in the SOUTH/FRONT of Conrad.
  • Follow speed limits, signage & arrows.


  • Leave children alone in the car.
  • Park in the Handicap space without a Handicap Placard
  • Park in the North/Back Bus Loop

SERVICE/DELIVERY ZONE in South/front of Conrad:

  • Do NOT drive past the orange cones
  • DO NOT park, sit, wait or idle

Please email your child's teacher with any questions.

Thank you, Conrad ELC