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2018-19 Conrad Picture Days


Fall Photos: Thursday September 13, 2018

Check your child's backpack for order flyers

Online ordering is available:

Picture Day Code:  CG368400Y0


  • If an individual photo order is placed online, please check the paid online box or write the online payment code on the photo envelope & return the envelope on photo day.
  • Fall photos (September): photos will be taken for every student regardless of an order. Copies will only be sent to parents who paid.
  • Spring photos: If an individual photo envelope is NOT returned on photo day, an individual photo will NOT be taken.
  • Parents are welcome to meet their child in the Cloud Room during the class photo time. 
  • Please bring a Government Issued photo ID to receive a visitor sticker.
  • Photos are usually sent home in the student's backpack approximately one month after Picture Day. 

AM Session

8:25 am-Ms. Sarah Gasser

8:45 am-Ms. Natell Cox

9:05 am-Ms. Crysta Nauert

9:25 am-Ms. Tico (Tiffany) Gunderson

9:45-Ms. Ina Montoya

10:05-Ms. Dee Kelly

10:25-Ms. Andrea Niedzwiecki

PM Session

12:25 pm-Ms. Sarah Gasser

12:45 pm-Ms. Natell Cox

1:05 pm-Ms. Crysta Nauert

1:25 pm-Ms. Tico (Tiffany) Gunderson

1:45 Ms. Ina Montoya

2:05 pm-Ms. Amanda Zdeb

2:25 pm-Ms. Andrea Niedzwiecki


Fall Photo Make-up: Thursday October 25, 2018

Spring Photos: Thursday March 7, 2018