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Fun Pasta fundraiser

Dear Parents and Friends, Great News! Conrad Early Learning Center is fundraising with Fun Pasta Fundraising!
We’re raising money to apply towards the purchase of an Owl Mascot costume for our school and our goal for each student is to sell at least 10 bags!
The pasta selection is affordable and selling is fun and simple. And best of all, our group will earn 40% profit! Think of all the gifts you could knock out just by ordering a couple bags of pasta!
What is Fun Pasta?
Fun Pasta is pasta shaped like the holidays, sports, collegiate team logos, and more. The BEST part about this fundraiser is that it is entirely online! This means every one of your family members and friends across the country can help support your little one and our school’s fundraising efforts.
How can you help?
SHARE our Webpage Link on Facebook, Twitter, and Email!
Out-of-town relatives and friends can now order directly from the company, it gets shipped directly to them and WE GET THE CREDIT! 40% of these sales go directly to us! (excludes shipping cost). There is a flat rate shipping charge of $6.95, but they ship within a couple of days, and our relatives can easily support our group! If they order $55.00 or more then shipping is FREE!…/conrad-early-learning-center
Anything else you need to know?
Have Fun, Eat Pasta, Raise Money! And remember:
This fundraiser runs through December 31, 2019