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October Parent Teacher Conferences

Conrad Parent, 

October parent teacher conferences will be October 15 & 16.  Conrad’s teachers are scheduling conferences through an online program, Sign-up Genius.  



  • Follow the teacher’s link
  • Select a time slot
  • Click on the “Submit and Sign Up” button
  • Answer interpreter questions
  • Enter your contact information
  • Click on the “Sign up Now” button


Parents will receive a confirmation email (check junk/clutter/spam folder) with the appointment information. Parents will also receive a reminder email one day before the conference.

 Classroom teachers:

Ms. Andrea:

Ms. Cox:

Ms. Dee:

Ms. Farmer:

Ms. Gasser:

Ms. Kayla:

Ms. Nauert:

Ms. Quiana:

Ms. Tico:

Speech Language Pathologists:

Assigned to students in the following classes that require Special Education Speech services.

Ms. Meyer (Ms. Kayla, Ms. Nauert, Ms. Gasser, Ms. Tico & Ms. Cox’s PM)


Ms. Katie: (Ms. Andrea, Ms. Cox’s AM, Ms. Dee, Ms. Farmer, & Ms. Quiana)