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Classroom visitor & volunteer policy


We love to have visitors in our classrooms, and parents are always welcome to observe.

  • All staff is required to wear a staff ID
  • All visitors & volunteers are required to obtain a Raptor Sticker by presenting a government issue ID to Conrad’s office (Driver’s license, Military ID, Passport, State ID).
  • Parents and Emergency Contacts will be asked for a Government Issued ID before signing a student out of school
  • Security questions are asked to confirm identity when a parent calls to change a phone number, add a contact, etc.

Siblings or children not enrolled as a student at Conrad:

  • During large classroom celebrations siblings are welcome to join (i.e. family nights, holiday events, RSVP events).
  • Due to licensing, ratios, & disruptions to the classroom environment & schedule, siblings & other children ARE NOT able to visit the classrooms during regular school days (birthday celebrations, volunteer days, etc.)
  • This includes infants & children in strollers/carriers.