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School Drop Off/Pick Up

Parking Lot Guidelines

The safety of the children is our first and primary concern.

Drop-off from the Kiss and Go Lane
When bringing your child to school in the morning, we ask that as soon as your child is out of the car that you immediately pass through the Kiss and Go Lane.  Staff members will be on site to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly.  If you choose to drop your child off in the parking lot, please park your car and safely guide you child to the crossing guard.  Please do not drop off or pick up your child from the back (West side) of the building in the bus lane.

Pick-up from the Kiss and Go Lane (walkers and riders)
When picking up your student (s) please do not leave your vehicle.  Staff will guide students to their parents' car.  Stay in your car and wait patiently and courteously for you child to come to you.  Please exit the Kiss and Go Lane cautiously, to make room for other vehicles behind you.

**Any transportation change request should be communicated to the front office before 2:00 p.m. to guarantee the information can be given to the student before dismissal procedures begin.** Please communicate with classroom teacher of front office when your child will be going home a different way.  For example, if your son/daughter will be walking home with a friend instead of taking the bus as usual, teacher or front office needs to know from the parent in advance or your son/daughter will be sent home in their usual manner.

Parking Lot Guidelines
Parents are always welcome to park in the parking lot and walk their child into Weikel.  We appreciate those parents who consistently cooperate with traffic regulations and follow the directions of school personnel on duty, and are courteous to their fellow drivers.