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Parking Lot Guidelines

The safety of the children is our first and primary concern. 

Curbside Drop-off and Pick up lane: 

Drop Off: Please wait in single file along the curbside and pull as far forward as possible. The drop off zone begins in front of the cafeteria.  Please pull all the way forward so that multiple cars may pick up at the curbside. 

Pick up: Please do not leave your vehicle. Staff will guide students to the correct vehicle, so stay in your car and wait patiently for your child to come to you. Please exit courteously and cautiously, to make room for other parents to pick up their child along the curbside. Drop off in the parking lot is not allowed – it is too dangerous.


Parking: The parking lot is intended for parking only. Drop off in the parking lot is not allowed. If you would like to park and pick up your child at dismissal, please wait at the parking lot side of the crosswalk. Staff will bring your child to you.


*Any changes in dismissal procedures for your child/children should be communicated to the office staff before 2:00 pm to guarantee the information can be given to the student before dismissal procedures begin.

Click here for Parking Lot Map