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Special Education

District Contact: (719) 382-1314

Department Fax: (719) 382-0680



The Department of Special Education is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and positive learning environment for all students. All students must have a voice and be empowered to reach their full potential through rigorous and engaging instruction focused on strengths and supporting needs. The department partners with families and staff to help students make connections that foster success in school, at home, and in the community. The department ensures that staff have the tools and resources necessary to create a learning environment that meets individual student needs and prepares students to be college and/or career ready. Through courageous commitment, the team makes decisions in the best interest of students by breaking down barriers and supporting an inclusive environment. 

Department Contacts

Erika Zulkosky
Department of Special Education


Valorie Trujillo
Secretary to the Director
Department of Special Education
(719) 382-1314

Carol Costlow
Administrative Assistant
Department of Special Education

(719) 304-3563

Erika Slaughter
Assistant Director
Department of Special Education


Tish Watson
Assistant Director
Department of Special Education


Erin Crandell
Special Education Coordinator
Department of Special Education