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Frequently Asked Questions

In FFC8, we know that it takes a big commitment to choose which district and school your child may attend for their preschool or kindergarten through 12th grade years. FFC8 is a unique district and we know you may have some questions about the registration process. We've done our best to answer a few below, but please know you are always welcome to call the Central Office at 719-382-1300, or the school you are zoned for, to follow up and ask more questions.

  1. When can I register my child? Is there a specific registration window?
    • Registration opens on or around June 1 each calendar year for the following school year. The specific date is always publicized ahead of time.
    • Students and families move in and out of FFC8 boundaries throughout the year. As such, you are welcome to come and enroll as soon as you know you are moving to our district, or as soon as you arrive. FFC8 is heavily military-connected and well-adapted to handle registrations throughout the school year.
    • Along with all other school districts in Colorado, there is a specific window where FFC8 will take Out-of-District and/or Out-of-Zone enrollment requests. This window typically opens in March each year and closes in August. Specific dates will be published on our website each year. OOD and OOZ requests are for those families who live outside FFC8 boundaries, or in our boundaries, but outside of the zone they wish their student to attend. OOD and OOZ requests are simply that, no application is guaranteed and all must be reviewed based on space and program availability at the school being requested.
  2. How does the registration process work? Is it online or in person?
    • All registration for FFC8 takes place online. Follow the path that is appropriate to your situation: either for a student new to our district, or for returning students.
  3. Do I have to register each year?
    • Yes. This helps the district ensure we have the most up-to-date forms, contact information, and other documents needed for your child.
  4. What documents do I need to register my child?
    • Proof of residency/address, immunization records, and a birth certificate.
  5. What if I don't know my address or don't have proof of residency yet?
    • Call the school where you think you will be zoned and reach out to them to be prepared before your move.

Thank you for considering FFC8 as your district of choice. If there's anything else we can do to serve you, or other questions you may have, please let us know!