Dear Parent/Guardian,

    I, Mr. Martinez, am overseeing t he after school Band at Eagleside Elementary. The
    purpose of Band i s t o provide t he opportunity f or 4t h and 5t h grade students t o l earn a
    musical i nstrument i n a f un and safe environment t hat t hey can play t hrough middle
    school, high school, college, and t heir entire l ives. There i s no experience needed, we
    all start at t he very beginning! We will l earn t he notes on t he staff, how t o play t he
    instrument correctly t o get a good sound, and t each all t he f ingerings.

    As a member, he/she will be expected t o attend all after school rehearsals with all t heir
    materials. They will need t o have t heir i nstrument, t heir book, a pencil, and a wonderful
    attitude. The i nstruments t hat are t aught will be Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Baritone, and
    Percussion (bells and some snare drum and bass drum). The book t hat every student
    will need i s called “ Traditions of Excellence: Book 1.”

    There will be a special Band Evening where students will have t he ability t o t ry out and
    rent t he i nstruments, and t o purchase t he book. The company t hat will be renting out
    the i nstruments i s called “Graner Music.” The Band Evening will be on T uesday,
    October 12t h from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m. You can come at any t ime during t his period
    and l eave when you are f inished.

    If by chance you cannot attend this night, there are still many options to rent an
    instrument. You may also rent one at a different l ocation. Meeker music, l ocated on
    85/87 next t wo Wal-Mart, i s another great l ocation t o rent an i nstrument.
    Band will be held after school on Mondays f rom 2:30pm – 3:25pm. The f irst day of
    band will be M onday, October 18th. There i s no after school t ransportation f or t his club;
    you will need t o arrange a ride or permission t o walk home after school. I f you have any
    questions, please l et us know by calling t he school at 719-382-1520 o r e-mailing me,
    Mr. Martinez, directly at l orenmartinez@ffc8.org
    Musically yours,

    Mr. Martinez
    Elementary Music