• Fountain Middle School, in partnership with families and the community, delivers opportunities for students to learn in a safe, tolerant, and positive environment focused on a rigorous, in-depth, rich curriculum in order to foster college and career readiness.


    Our primary focus is leading your children to learn and grow in the best possible educational environment.  It is our goal that all students achieve at or above grade level by the end of each school year.

    Our entire staff takes great pride in the educational achievement of your children. We have developed and implemented learning benchmarks, which complement the Colorado State Education standards, in reading, writing, language arts, mathematics and science. We are proud of our wonderful students and their educational accomplishments which are a tribute to their parents, the leadership of teachers, the efforts of support staff members and parent volunteers.


    Student Demographics


    Our Staff

    The staff of Fountain Middle School consists of classroom teachers ranging from grades sixth through eighth. This includes core instructional teachers who focus on language arts, social studies, science and math, as well as elective teachers and special service providers such as English as a second language, speech therapy, special education, and more. The mental health team consists of four counselors, a school psychologist, and a school social worker. There are seven custodians, six secretaries, a nurse and health tech, a media assistant, and technology support staff to support the functions of the school. Additionally, the school leadership team consists of an instructional coach, dean of students, three assistant principals, and one principal. 

    Interesting Facts

    • Fountain Middle School recently finished a multi-year construction project to build a new state-of-the art facility for students and staff. This work was completed in the spring of 2020.
    • In 2021, Fountain Middle School was one of two middle schools in the state of Colorado to be recognized as a National Trailblazer School to Watch.
    • In 2021, Fountain Middle School was recognized as one of three middle schools to be named Best Middle School in Colorado Springs in the Gazette 2021 Best of the Springs campaign.
    • Fountain Middle School engages all students in a revolutionary post-secondary pathway program where all students explore curriculum and enrichment opportunities related to a defined, and self-chosen, career pathway.
    • Fountain Middle School offers students a rich and diverse athletic and activities experience.
    • In 2020, Fountain Middle School Principal, Dr. William Dallas, was recognized as the Colorado State National Distinguished Secondary School Principal of the Year.


    We are focused on developing well-rounded citizens, life-long learners, and leaders for the future through the priorities of: Dynamic Instructional Practices and Planning; Systemic Systems; and Post-Secondary Readiness.