• Welcome to Student Support Services

    The mission of Student Support Services is committed to providing support to students so they can be empowered to reach their individual potential.

    Our department serves students who require an Individual Education Plan.


    Abrams Special Education Team

    Assistant Principal - Rochelle Williams

    SPED Secretary - Jean Midkiff

    School Psychologist - Alexandria Weisberg

    K/2 Mild to Moderate - Valerie Harding

    3/5 Mild to Moderate - Melissa Bent

    SSN (Significant Support Needs) - Mara Montoya

    Speech Language Pathologist - Deb Helmes

    OT - Ashley Eisele

    PT - Adriennne King

    Paraprofessionals - Nikki Bystrom & Kathleen Frazier 


    Special Education Overview

    Parents and Student Rights - English

    Parent and Student Rights - Spanish