Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Elementary Education Masters in Leadership

Mrs. Williams

Welcome to Aragon Elementary and my third grade classroom!  I have been teaching at Aragon for the past six years and call it my home!  


My passions include food, stilettos, sweet treats, and spending time with friends. I would love a day where I could shop for shoes while eating a king sized Twix, then meet friends at a restaurant to eat anything fried!  Also, when I am not correcting papers, I love anything to do with animals!!!  Spending time at the zoo, sanctuaries, or with my own furry kids is my favorite way to spend time.  This summer I swam with sharks, held sting rays and seals, had squirrel monkeys sit on my head, and cuddled with a baby tiger.  The animals I have at home are my Yorkie named Guinness, my Maltese named Goose, my Doberman named Ripken and my two bunnies named Mr. Nibble Bottoms and Princess Buttercup Sparkle Pants.  The last furry creature that I love to spend time with is my husband!