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  • Abrams Elementary
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  • Carson Middle School
  • Conrad Early Learning Center
  • Eagleside Elementary
  • Eagleside ES
  • Fountain Middle School
  • Fountain-Fort Carson High School
  • Jordahl Elementary
  • Mesa Elementary
  • Mountainside Elementary
  • Patriot Elementary
  • Weikel Elementary
  • Welte Education Center
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  • Assessment Specialist
  • Asst Principal
  • Building Secretary
  • Campus Supervisor
  • Coach
  • Counselor
  • Culinary Arts Teacher
  • Deaf & Hard Of Hearing
  • Dean of Students
  • Director Activities
  • ELL Teacher
  • HS Language Arts Teacher
  • HS Math Teacher
  • HS Science Teacher
  • HS Social Studies Teacher
  • HS Teacher
  • HS Teacher Art
  • HS Teacher Business
  • HS Teacher ELL
  • HS Teacher Foreign Language
  • HS Teacher Industrial Arts
  • HS Teacher JROTC
  • HS Teacher Language Arts
  • HS Teacher Math
  • HS Teacher Music Instrument
  • HS Teacher Music Vocal
  • HS Teacher Physical Ed
  • HS Teacher Science
  • HS Teacher Social Studies
  • HS Teacher Spanish
  • Instructional Coach
  • Interventionist Building
  • Interventionist Reading
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Licensed Practicing Nurse
  • Media Specialist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • PreSchool Administrator
  • PreSchool Teacher
  • Principal
  • Psychologist
  • Psychologist Intern
  • School Nurse
  • Secretary Building
  • Social Studies Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Special Ed Teacher
  • Speech Language
  • Teacher
  • Teacher Art
  • Teacher ELL
  • Teacher Fifth Grade
  • Teacher First Grade
  • Teacher Foreign Language
  • Teacher Fourth Grade
  • Teacher Gifted
  • Teacher Kindergarten
  • Teacher Language Arts
  • Teacher Math
  • Teacher Music
  • Teacher Music Instrument
  • Teacher Music Vocal
  • Teacher Physical Ed
  • Teacher Preschool
  • Teacher Science
  • Teacher Second Grade
  • Teacher Social Studies
  • Teacher Spanish
  • Teacher Success Academy
  • Teacher Technology
  • Teacher Third Grade
  • Teacher Title I
  • Transition Coach

Grade Level Teams

  • 6th Grade Thunder Wolves (Gold)
    Mrs. Hawker
    Mrs. Worrell
    Language Arts
    Mrs. Lord
    Mr. Crews
    Social Studies
    6th Grade Mavericks (Black)
    Mr. Harris
    Social Studies
    Mr. Bideau
    Mrs. Allen
    Language Arts
    Mr. Todaro
    7th Grade Bears (Gold)
    Mr. Hoehn
    Social Studies
    Mr. Wolf
    Mrs. Seymour
    Mrs. Lessard
    Language Arts
    7th Grade Mountain Lions (Black)
    Mr. Drake
    Language Arts
    Ms. Bryant
    Social Studies
    Mrs. Hayden
    Mr. Taylor
    8Th Grade Buffalo (Gold)
    Ms. Gaide
    Mrs. Zupans
    Ms. Puffett
    Social Studies
    Mrs. Martin
    Language Arts
    8th Grade Rams (Black)
    Mrs. Norman
    Social Studies
    Ms. Raymond
    Language Arts
    Ms. Howard
    Mrs. Klopp




  • Mr. Myers
    Mrs. Musgrove
    Mrs. Anderson
    Mr. Arnell
    Mr. Worrell
    Art/Game Design
    Mrs. Leitzel
    Mrs. Gradishar
    Mr. Johnson
    Art/Graphic Design 
    Mrs. Hellman
    G.T. & STEM
    Mrs. Hunter
    Mr. Myers
    Ms. Gilbreth



Student Support Staff

  • Ms. Huddleston 
    6th Grade Counselor
    Ms. McCombe  
    7th Grade Counselor
    Ms. George
    8th Grade Counselor
    Ms. Roller
    ESS-Language Arts 
    Mrs. Kirts
    Affective Needs 
    Ms. Hunter
    Mrs. Gobert
    Math Intervention 
    Mr. Hayden
    Mrs. Knabe
    Mrs. Engleright
    Avid/Instruction Coach
    Mrs. Gebbink
    Speech Language 
    Ms. Shinall
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing 
    Mrs. Urias 
    School Psychologist 
    Mr. Tidey
    Success Academy 
    Mrs. Briggs



School Staff

  • Mrs. Anthony
    Secretary - Attendance                
    Mrs. Krieg
    Secretary - Registrar                 
    Jamielyn Chillingworth 
    Secretary - Counseling/Special Education
    Mrs. Shufelt
    Secretary - Budget 
    Ms. Evans
    School Nurse
     Shyanna Rains
     Health Tech



Support Staff

  • Mrs. Ingram
    Library Media Aide
    Ms. Hanrahan
    Accompanist Sec
    Ms. Williams                                Mrs. O'Neil
    SPED Para - AFF                           SPED Para - SSN
    Mrs. France
    SPED Para-SSN
    Mrs. Golemon
    SPED Para-AUT
    Mr. Prather                                   Mrs. Glad
    SPED Para-AUT                            SPED Para-SSN
    Ms. Diaz
    SPED Para
    Ms. Blanchard
    SPED Para
    Ms. Pacheco
    Building Manager
    Mr. Leipply
    Evening Custodian
    Mrs. Schoonover                          Mr. Brown
    Evening Custodian                       Evening Custodian