• Department Mission:


    Our mission as a mathematics department is to implement the teaching philosophy of Carson Middle School as well as the curriculum standards as established by the State of Colorado. We primarily serve a military community. We proudly serve those who serve us.


    Through our mathematics instruction, our students will develop strength in mathematics and cultivate skills in both reasoning and problem solving. We believe that in fostering students’ ability to logically, rationally, and analytically solve complex math problems, we will see our students succeed not only in their math classes but also in other academic areas and in life in general. The curriculum thrust is classical and traditional and at the same time progressive in the form of cooperative learning. The instruction is also sensitive to the unique needs of the students.


  • Department Goals:

    At Carson Middle School, our aim is to empower students mathematically so that they have the ability to explore, conjecture and reason logically as well as the ability to use a variety of mathematical methods effectively to solve non-routine problems.