• Aragon Elementary School and Family

    Title I Compact

    This policy and compact have been jointly developed and agreed upon by Aragon Elementary School and parents of students served in the All School Title I Program.


    The administration, staff, and parents of Aragon Elementary School believe that the improved academic achievement of each student is a responsibility shared by the entire school community, including the school district, school administration, staff, students, community members, and parents (as defined for purposes of this policy to include guardians and all members of a student’s family involved in the student’s education.)

    Parent involvement activities in the school will include opportunities for:

    • Effective communication between the school and parents
    • Parents to volunteer and be involved in school activities
    • Parents to view student work and learn ways to support learning at home
    • Parents to provide home support for their student’s education
    • Parents to participate in the school decision-making


    As the school administration and staff, we agree to:

    • Provide high-quality curricula and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment enabling students to meet the state academic standards.
    • Facilitate and implement the Title I Parent Involvement Policy.
    • Involve parents in the planning, review and improvement of the School Parent Involvement Policy annually.
    • Provide the School Parent Involvement Compact to parents in an understandable format.
    • Invite parents to attend information meetings regarding their school’s participation in Title I, the requirement of Title I and the right of parents to be involved.
    • Inform parents and the goals and purposes of the School-wide Title I, curriculum used at the school, assessments used to measure student progress, and expected student proficiency levels.
    • Provide materials and training to help parents work with their student to improve the student’s achievement.
    • Provide access to educational resources and support for parents to use with their students.
    • Advise parents of their student’s progress on a regular basis (parents can check progress in IC)
    • Be readily accessible to parents and provide opportunities for parents to meet with staff to discuss student progress.
    • Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their student’s class and observe classroom activities (Please come to the office for a District volunteer form).

    As a parent, I will support my child’s learning at home by:

    • Monitoring attendance.
    • Monitoring the completion of homework.
    • Providing a quiet time for homework and reading.
    • Encouraging positive use of extracurricular time.
    • Participating as appropriate in decisions related to my child’s education.
    • Participating in school activities.
    • Communicating regularly with school staff regarding my child’s needs and circumstances.
    • Supporting and following the rules and regulations of the school and school district.

    As a student, I will:

    • Be responsible, respectful and safe.
    • On time and ready for learning.
    • Have a can do attitude.
    • Know that knowledge is power.