Why do we educate in Fountain–Fort Carson School District 8?

  • OUR VISION is to empower every student to thrive as a responsible, productive, and engaged citizen by inspiring life-long learning and civic engagement, by challenging and supporting every student to achieve his/her fullest potential, and by embracing the diversity of both the local and global community.

    OUR VALUES serve as the basis for the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 Strategic Plan and integrate into each of the priorities to chart the focus and vision for the future of the District.



    • Ensure academic and behavioral growth and achievement
    • Create safe and supportive learning environments
    • Implement rigorous curriculum and instruction
    • Honor diversity in the learning environment
    • Enrich learning through strategic use of technology
    • Enhance teacher effectiveness

    • Develop skills for the whole child
    • Ensure multiple curriculum pathways
    • Explore internships and service learning opportunities
    • Expect high attendance rates of students and staff



    • Serve others through collaboration and partnerships
    • Ensure transparency
    • Maintain fiscal accountability
    • Advocate at the local, state, and national levels
    • Develop effective communication systems
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