Deployment Group

  • Deployment Group is a wonderful organization that offers counsel and community for students with parents who are deployed. With Mrs. Trudy, students get the opportunity to talk about the difficulties involved with being a military child. They discuss all the things included with the phases of deployment, like the transition, communication, responsibilities, and role changes. Some days, there's even an open discussion option for students, to talk about whatever they want to talk to about. However, if students aren't comfortable speaking in the group, they are always welcome to stop by Mrs. Trudy's office in the counseling center at any time.

    Located in the cafeteria, this group meets every Wednesday during access. Mrs. Trudy gives out passes during the day to students who wish to attend. Any student can join at any time. Parents and teachers, even other students can recommend someone to be in the group.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Trudy at: