• At Weikel, we have high expectations for achievement and believe that together we can accomplish more!

    At Weikel Elementary School, we believe in achieving optimal student performance in both academics and behavior. Located on Fort Carson’s Army Base, the Weikel Staff works diligently to ensure success for each military and civilian child we serve by providing academic experiences for all students that are rigorous, relevant and help each build relationships while making real-world connections. We focus on social-emotional skill training, data to drive excellent instruction, and parent/community collaboration. Student and staff excellence is obtained by utilizing positive, proactive systems that create and maintain a safe and effective learning community. This focus enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, engaging, and nurturing environment. In 2019, our efforts to provide quality education and ensure student academic growth was recognized when we were awarded the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award.


    Not only do we focus on staff and student involvement within the educational program at Weikel, but we also strive to include our parent community as frequently as possible. We believe parental involvement is critical to our school’s success. As an identified Title I School, we diligently strive to include parents and community stakeholders who reflect the demographic composition of Weikel, including those who represent the most at-risk students. We strive to have such stakeholders as decision-makers in a broad spectrum of school decisions, including developing and monitoring the Title I schoolwide plan.



    Our Staff

    The Wolf Pack; we’re here to serve!

    The staff of Weikel Elementary school consists of passionate teachers, preschool through fifth grade. Classroom teachers are trained to plan and implement rigorous instruction based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We also have a team of teachers known as our Encore Team. The Encore Team includes a talented music teacher, a fun physical education teacher, a gifted art teacher, a research-tech savvy librarian, and a creative STEAM Lab facilitator. Weikel also has outstanding support staff such as a dedicated English as a Second Language teacher, a skilled Special Education Team, a caring school counselor, and a knowledgeable school psychologist. Our staff consists of three devoted custodians, four energetic secretaries, and several “ready to serve” food service personnel. We are also fortunate to have a full-time nurturing school nurse, a well-versed behavior mental health professional, a relationship-building school resource officer, and an empathetic military family life counselor. The leadership team consists of a passionate principal and two excellent assistant principals.

     At Weikel, the staff identifies with a coined phrase of “The Weikel Way.” Here are their thoughts about that phrase:

    • Kindergarten Team: “The Weikel Way is being intentional for kids and our community by cultivating a timely, purposeful, and flexible atmosphere while fostering close positive relationships.”
    • 1st Grade Team: “The Weikel Way is the community working together as a team for the good of the kids.”
    • 2nd Grade Team: "The Weikel Way is a community where all members are valued, loved, respected, and forever a part of the PACK!”
    • 3rd Grade Team: “The Weikel Way is collaboration and community.”
    • 4th Grade Team: “The Weikel Way is a culture of leading by example, instilling a love for learning and doing what’s best for kids.”
    • 5th Grade Team: “The Weikel Way is leading from your heart, valuing community, and emphasizing journey over the destination.”
    • Special Education Team: “The Weikel Way is a village that provides services for students, families, and staff to carry out a legacy to fill the needs of all within the community.”
    • Encore Team: “The Weikel Way is loving and supporting the community around us!”
    • Behavior Mental Health Team: “The Weikel Way is creating a culture of safety through strong relationships and consistent expectations in an effort to maximize student academic and social learning.”

    This group of outstanding staff members is well trained in PBIS Strategies, Responsive Classroom Structures, standards-based instruction, and data literacy. We are equipped to provide effective learning and instruction practices. 


    Interesting Facts

    It’s who we are!

    • At Weikel, we cherish the namesake of our school. Our school is named in honor of Captain Ian P. Weikel. Captain Weikel graduated from Fountain‐Fort Carson High School in 1993 as the class valedictorian. He attended the US Military Academy at West Point and served as a Captain in the US Army. Captain Weikel lost his life while serving in Iraq on April 18, 2006. The Board of Education felt naming our school after such an outstanding graduate of our district was a way of telling a story and honoring an exceptional young leader of both our school and military community.
    • Our school mascot is the wolf, and our motto is “The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.” - Rudyard Kipling
    • Our parent involvement consists of a very energetic PTO. This group of parents and teachers enjoy planning fun!
    • P.I.E. (Parents in Education) is a vital group of parents who support our school’s educational and systemic decisions.
    • At Weikel, students and staff enjoy several school spirit weeks! One of our favorites is when we celebrate the legacy of Captain Weikel by engaging in a week’s long worth of school spirit days!