We create a safe and positive environment where students advocate for themselves and their community.

    We work collaboratively to develop student success.

    We foster life-long learners through high expectations, accountability, and a rigorous learning environment.

    We are located in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain on Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our students are primarily from families directly connected with the military, either with parents currently serving in the armed forces, or currently working as civilian contractors. We are proud to serve the families of those who serve our country! Due to the nature of our families’ military service, students often will transition into and out of Mountainside frequently throughout the school year. Our focus at Mountainside Elementary School is to provide students with the highest educational experience in a safe and supportive environment for every moment we get to serve them. It is the goal of every one of our staff members to ensure that your child is growing academically, socially, and emotionally, and we strive to put supports in place to allow your child to make at least one year’s growth every year we get to have them attend Mountainside.

    Bar graph and pie charts of demographics where Mountainside student-specific information is presented

    Our entire staff takes great pride in the achievement of your children. We have worked diligently to develop a deep understanding of the Colorado Academic Standards, and provide an engaging learning experience as we help students demonstrate mastery in content areas. Additionally, we recognize the importance of the arts, physical education, and technology in preparing students to be exposed to areas where they may develop a passion outside the classroom environment. We hope that their experience at Mountainside Elementary School helps them to identify activities they wish to pursue throughout their life.  We are proud of our wonderful students and their many accomplishments. Their success is truly a team effort between their parents, our teachers, and our school support staff and parent volunteers.


  • Our Staff

    The staff of Mountainside Elementary school is able to support students academically by providing 22 classroom teachers in kindergarten through fifth grade, 2.5 interventionists funded through the Title I program providing remediation supports in the areas of English Language Arts learning and Mathematics instruction. Our enrichment opportunities allow students to receive instruction from teachers of music, physical education, art, and library/media. We provide additional support for students with specialized needs through a teacher providing students learning English as a second language, a special education department supporting students with moderate learning needs, providing speech therapy, and assisting students through our Affective Needs program.

    Social-emotional needs are supported primarily by our school counselor and our school psychologist, but we also have the benefit of having a psychologist from Evans Hospital who is able to support students who attend Mountainside Elementary School and their families with therapeutic services, and a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) who is able to provide support to students around situations that are unique to the military population we serve.

    Student health and school safety are priorities at Mountainside, and in response to the unprecedented circumstances facing schools these past 2 year Fountain-Fort Carson School District has made it a priority to have a full-time school nurse supporting students, and through a building and district partnership with the leadership at Fort Carson, we have the good fortune of having a full-time School Resource Officer who is either a military police officer or a Ft. Carson police officer staffed to our building.

    Finally, behind the scenes, none of this could happen without the personnel to support these efforts. Our building is maintained by a building manager and two evening custodians, three building secretaries who keep the office running smoothly, three food service personnel serving breakfasts and lunches daily, an instructional coach who works primarily with teachers to improve the classroom experience for students and enhance student learning, and of course, our assistant principal and principal. 

    We look forward to engaging with our parent community this year through the work of our School Accreditation and Accountability Committee and through our MountainTOPS organization.

  • Interesting Facts

    • Mountainside is celebrating its 27th year serving families who serve.
    • Over the past 14 years Mountainside Elementary School has partnered with an artist group (Concrete Couch) to bring literature to life or to celebrate life as a military child. Our work has brought to life marionettes celebrating children’s books, created a three-dimensional relief representation of military life through a child’s eyes, created a tile mosaic depicting life in the Pikes Peak region, and decorated circular concrete benches on our playground.
    • Each year, Mountainside provides students with extracurricular opportunities that have included activities such as: STEM Club, Book Club, Jump Rope Club, Choir, Band, Landshark Running Club, Basketball, Volleyball, after school tutoring, Lego Robotics Club, Minecraft Club, Student Council, Archery
    • Mountainside was awarded a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) grant allocation through DoDEA to initially establish a STEM/STEAM instructional focus in 2014-2017. Mountainside has continued this area of emphasis through a relationship developed with National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) in providing students with experiences in STEM related activities and careers.