• Jordahl is an inclusive and diverse elementary #family that facilitates student success by supporting and developing ALL students socially and academically to become the best version of themselves.                         

    Jordahl is a family focused school that strives to grow each student both academically and socially.  We have found that when students are confident, safe, and comfortable, they learn better; therefore, each day starts with a class gathering called a Morning Meeting.  Throughout the day Jordahl students are challenged to take ownership of their learning by recognizing where they are in the learning process, setting goals for themselves, and working to attain their goals. Students also participate in our Related Arts on a daily basis which include art, physical education, music class, STEAM, and social/emotional education.  Jordahl students become well-rounded, contributing citizens.   



    Our Staff

    The staff of Jordahl Elementary school consists of 27 classroom teachers in kindergarten through fifth grade, a music teacher, an art teacher, a STEAM lab teacher, an ELD teacher, 2 speech and language pathologists, 4 special education teachers, and 12 paraeducators.  We also have our principal, assistant principal, dean of students, and an instructional coach.  Additional services are provided by a school psychologist, a full-time time nurse, and district physical and occupational therapists.

    Interesting Facts

    • Jordahl’s mascot is the Bobcat and he comes out for all of the fun events.
    • Jordahl is right next to Fountain-Ft. Carson High School, which provides us with a strong partnership with our high school students and high school events.
    • Jordahl Elementary serves 550 students and 47% of those students are affiliated with the Military.
    • Jordahl has an incredibly diverse staff which includes teachers from Germany, Puerto Rico, and all over the United States.