• FFCHS Instructional Beliefs

    • Fountain-Fort Carson High School faculty is collaborative and we do not teach independently of each other.

    • We use instructional strategies that yield high student engagement and learning, such as collaborative strategies, inquiry-based instruction, thoughtful use of 21st century skills, student-centered activities, and relevant and applicable instruction.

    • We focus on making sure students have learned the knowledge and skills versus just teaching the content.

    • We always have high learning expectations for all students.

    • We encourage teachers to have a growth mindset while taking instructional risks.

    • We treat everyone with respect and create a caring, nurturing, and stable environment for students.

    • We are prepared for all aspects of teaching: PLC’s, planning lessons, attending meetings on time, contributing to professional development, contributing to professional conversations, and providing support to colleagues.

    • There is an expectation that Fountain-Fort Carson High School faculty go above and beyond for our students by supporting and participating in extracurricular activities.

    • We work collaboratively to develop student success.

    • We foster life-long learners through high expectations, accountability, and a rigorous learning environment.


    Our primary focus is leading your children to learn and grow in the best possible educational environment.  It is our goal that all students achieve at or above grade level by the end of each school year.

    Our entire staff takes great pride in the educational achievement of your children. We have developed and implemented learning benchmarks, which complement the Colorado State Education standards, in reading, writing, language arts, mathematics, and science. We are proud of our wonderful students and their educational accomplishments which are a tribute to their parents, the leadership of teachers, the efforts of support staff members and parent volunteers.



    Our Staff

    Fountain-Fort Carson High School is a large high school that serves a diverse student body.  We have a large faculty and staff that is diverse and provides our students with a variety of opportunities to help prepare them for life after high school. Beyond the core classes, we have a robust CTE staff that provides students with a number of pathways, a strong music department, and our JROTC staff has developed nationally recognized programs.  We have a large special education department that supports our students on IEP’s.  We also have a strong administrative team and Instructional Coaches that help focus on professional growth for our faculty.

    Interesting Facts 

    • We have a diverse staff from all over the country.
    • A large portion of our faculty are military connected.
    • FFCHS serves both the city of Fountain and Fort Carson.
    • Our students come to us from all over the country and world, representing many amazing cultures.
    • Our diversity is the fabric of our school’s culture.