• Fountain-Fort Carson High School was originally built in the heart of Fountain, where what is now known as Fountain Middle School.  As the community continued to grow, it was necessary to build a new high school that would hold the current students and allow for future growth.  In 1999, the high school opened its doors at its current location on Jimmy Camp and has continued to improve and grow, going through two additional expansions with a student count for the 2015-2016 of approximately 1800 students.

    Performance Data

    The district and school performance frameworks provide a snapshot of the district or school's level of attainment on academic achievement, growth, growth gaps and post-secondary readiness.  Improvement plans provide information on the district or school's data trends, root causes and targets, and identify strategies and resources the district or school will use to improve student academic outcomes. Click on the icon below and search for Fountain 8 in the Lookup area to find the data about Fountain Fort Carson High School.