FFC8 Commitment to Mental Health

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is committed to the holistic health of all students. Students who are physically, mentally (and socially, behaviorally, etc.) healthy can learn better and succeed. As part of this commitment, the district established the Director of Mental Health position - to support all students, staff and families in this part of their academic, professional, and personal journeys. 

    Every school in FFC8 has at least one counselor and one school psychologist to support student and staff mental health. Names and contact information for these professionals are listed on this page. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about how best to support your student or yourself.


  • Abrams Elementary
    Emily Kreiger - Counselor
    Stacey Romick - Psychologist

    Aragon Elementary
    Allyson West - Counselor
    Rezzella Harris - Psychologist

    Eagleside Elementary
    Jennifer Matli - Counselor
    Cindy Goodwyn - Psychologist

    Jordahl Elementary
    Angela Lopez - Counselor
    Megan Page - Psychologist

    Mesa Elementary
    Tina Gregor - Counselor
    Rachael Roberson - Psychologist

    Mountainside Elementary
    Cristina Campos-Krumholz - Counselor
    Allie Smith - Psychologist

    Patriot Elementary
    Alicia Klinker - Counselor
    Heather Yates - Psychologist

    Weikel Elementary
    Kim Thomas - Counselor
    Christina Palermo - Psychology

    Carson Middle
    Cynthia Parker - Counselor
    Connie McCombe - Counselor
    Brittany Harris-Eaves - Social Worker
    Rylee Schafer - Psychologist

    Fountain Middle
    Angela Grier - Counselor
    Lori Angell - Counselor
    Lori Kadzikowski - Counselor
    Kenneth Rankin - Counselor
    Abigail Worster - Social Worker
    TBD - Psychologist

    Kaylen Adragna - Counselor
    Charlotte Martinez - Counselor
    Seth Hastings - Counselor
    Mandy Walderon - Counselor
    Donna Queen - Counselor
    Mikayla Hickman - Counselor
    Stephanie Martinez - Counselor
    Matthew Schramm - Counselor
    Molly Sweeney - Social Worker
    Justin Hefner - Social Worker
    Kailee Shores - Psychologist

    Welte Education Center
    Scott Jaggers - Counselor
    Wendy Stevenson - Social Worker

    A.I.M. Education Center
    Mark Searle - Social Worker
    Shanda Vaira - Psychologist

    Districtwide/McKinney Vento
    Promis Bruno - Social Worker