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  • New Students: Application & Registration Process

    CURRENT PreK students at Conrad or Weikel do NOT need to reapply. Information for returning PreK students will be available in May.

    Students with current IEPs (Special Education Services) from a prior school district: Please call Conrad at 719-304-3500

    Step 1: Request a Preschool Application 
    Preschool applications for the 2022-2023 school year will be available after 1/7/2022.  
    PreK applications must be approved before a child can be offered placement in the program.
    To be eligible to apply, the child must:
    • Be 3 or older by 10/1/2022 (Born 10/2/17-10/1/19)
    • Reside within  FFC8 boundaries (no exceptions)

    Step 2: Submit PreK Application 
    Based on the application request submitted by the parent, the application will be emailed or mailed to the parent.
    • Application forms expire quickly. 
    • Expired forms must be updated to process the packet.
    • Incomplete applications will be placed on hold until the application is complete.
    The submitted Application includes:
    1. Ages & Stages-3 (ASQ-3) completed online
    2. Ages & Stages- Social Emotional 2 (ASQ-SE2) completed online
    3. Economic Survey
    4. Early Intervention Questionnaire (EIQ)
    5. Birth certificate
    6. Proof of residence less than 30 days old

    Step 3: Wait for the qualification letter
    Within one month, a letter will be mailed to the parent’s postal address stating the qualification determination.

    Step 4: Wait for registration information if /when a space is available
            2021-2022 school year: Conrad’s office will call parents if/when a space is available
            2022-2023 school year: NEW PreK students that qualify will be contacted June with registration information.

    Step 5: Complete Registration

    Step 6: School Supplies