• MountainTOPS is our Parent/Teacher Organization here at Mountainside. It works to support parent involvement in school and parent learning opportunities, school and community events, and fundraising opportunities and/or activities.

    School Accountability and Accreditation Committee (S.A.A.C.) is our group that provides guidance for our academic and social emotional programming in the school setting. We appreciate the input that parents provide as we work together to help our school meet student needs.

    To sign up for MountainTOPS (Parent/Teacher Organization) please click the link here.

    To sign up for the Student Accountability and Accreditation Committee (S.A.A.C.) please click the link here.

    Military Members: Our S.A.A.C. meetings can count toward your volunteer hours! Attendance will be taken at meetings but be sure to register with the Fort Carson Army Volunteer Corps' (AVC) Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) to track volunteer hours. 


    Our next meeting will be Friday, April 29th from 12:30-1:30 PM in our Collab Lab. Our topic is "End of Year Review of School Effectiveness Framework". We hope to see you there!

    Previous Meetings & Topics:

    September 28th; "Introduction to the School Effectiveness Framework".

    October 25th; "Home, School, and Community Partnerships".

    November 29th; " Assessment as, of, and for Learning".

    December 20th; "Standards-Based & Continuous Improvement Planning".

    January 31st; "Building Mid-Year Review Process and Stakeholder Feedback on Major Improvement Strategies".

    February 28th; "School Culture and Environment".

    March 28th; "Quarter 3 Summary".


    For comments and questions please email Breane Napora at: bnapora@ffc8.org