• Fountain Middle School Grading Philosophy

    The staff at Fountain Middle School believes that grading represents a critical aspect of developing well-rounded citizens, life-long learners, and future leaders. To ensure consistency and the delivery of a guaranteed and viable educational experience, the FMS community anchors all work pertaining to grading to the following four school-wide guiding principles.

    • Academic grades represent a student’s level of mastery expressed on multiple measure of formative assessments representing relevant, meaningful, and identified content standards, learning targets, or success criterion.
    • Grades, processes, and policies demonstrate consistency and transparency across the school to provide for equity and understanding designed to empower and engage students in the learning process.
    • Mastery of content is evaluated based on the most recent demonstration of knowledge and affords students opportunities to re-demonstrate mastery on academic work used to evaluate mastery based on a student’s ability to engage in corrective feedback lops until they demonstrate a defined minimal level of mastery.
    • Grading practices independently provide feedback to students on both content mastery and learning process/skills to promote well-rounded scholarly growth.

    FMS Grading Philosophy Video with Dr. Dallas

    Fountain Middle School School-Wide Grading Protocols: 

    Instruction at Fountain Middle School is graded or evaluated on a 4.0 scale where mastery of learning is defined through the establishment of Success Criteria embedded within units of instruction.

    • 4.0 - Above Mastery Demonstration of Learning
    • 3.0 - At Mastery Demonstration of Learning
    • 2.0 - Approaching Mastery of Learning
    • 1.0 - Below Mastery of Learning
    • 0.0 - No Evidence of Mastery

    Demonstration of learning is critical to the feedback loop and growth cycle for students. Therefore, students are afforded the entire unit of instruction to complete any assignment at no penalty. Due dates are provided to students for all work, and students are highly encouraged to complete work by that due date; however, all evidence of learning may be demonstrated within the unit of instruction, and up to one week following the unit of instruction for full credit. After this timeframe, evidence of learning will no longer be accepted for credit.

    Healthy learning affords students opportunities to learn through failure and struggling. Therefore, students are able to re-take any summative assignment/assessment/activity to demonstrate relearning through feedback and growth. In order to participate in a re-take students must complete the re-take form and have this form approved by their Advisory Teacher.

    Fountain Middle School values the importance of not only summative demonstrations of mastery, however formative measures of mastery that indicate if students are progressing towards demonstrating mastery on their summative assignment/assessment/activity. Therefore, all grades for any activity or assignment are categorized as Summative or Formative Activities. Within Infinite Campus, final grades are weighted at a ratio of 60% Summative and 40% Formative.