FFC8 Reopening Plan for Fall 2020

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is committed to reopening schools on Monday, August 17 in a progressive approach that will phase in students by grade level during the week of Aug. 17 - 21. The full plan document can be accessed here in English or Spanish.

    Parents can find the most recent letter in the Communications Archives page on the left.

    Below is more information in response to some questions you may have about reopening this fall. 


    What are some safety protocols that may be in place in FFC8 schools and buildings this fall?

    Please view the Reopening Plan or open the page in the menu on the left for more information on health safety protocols in place for 2020-2021.


    Is it possible that we'll return to Remote Learning in the 2020-2021 school year?

    Should a virus outbreak require us to send home a cohort, classroom, school or close the district, we will be prepared to return to our Remote Learning platform and programming, similar to what we implemented this spring but with more rigor and accountability and which will include grading.


    What if I am not comfortable sending my child to attend school in-person?

    While we are actively focused on developing plans for students and families who are ready to attend in-person school, we are also providing options for students and families who are not ready or medically able to attend school in-person yet. We are establishing a new, K-12 Fountain-Fort Carson Virtual Academy (FFCVA) to provide an option for students to enroll who are not ready to attend school in-person. FFCVA will offer a comprehensive, high quality, online education that will look different than remote learning this spring. More information about FFCVA can be found on the website for that program.


    Will other school districts open schools in the same way?

    It is our understanding that neighboring school districts in El Paso County will plan to reopen with a similar model and we will all continue to work collaboratively to share best practices and strategies.