FFC8 Reopening Plan for Fall 2020

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is committed to reopening schools on Monday, August 10 (our originally planned start date for the 2020-2021 school year) for all students to attend school in-person, on-site, five days a week.

    It is our goal to have a thoughtful, methodical reopening plan that meets student instructional needs and strikes a balance between the health concerns posed by COVID-19 and the needs of our community. We will need staff and parent help to accomplish this. We have created two surveys for you to provide both feedback on remote learning this spring, as well as information and insight on reopening this fall. Please click the links below to take the appropriate survey for you. We need your input as soon as possible, so please plan to respond by Friday, June 19. Thank you for your time and perspective on this important topic.

    Once we have more details confirmed around our health safety protocols, education programming and curriculum, we will share those details with you. We will also share our plan with El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH) and the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). We will continue to keep this website updated, as well.

    Below is more information in response to some questions you may have about reopening this fall. This content has been updated as of Friday, June 12, 2020.


    What are some safety protocols that may be in place in FFC8 schools and buildings this fall?

    The plan to reopen as “close to normal” as possible will include safety measures designed to protect the health and well-being of students and staff. As students return to the classroom, we anticipate important safety protocols will be in place to limit the exposure and transmission of the coronavirus.

    Among them might be:

    • Students and staff who feel ill are required to STAY HOME.
    • In-person temperature checks and health questionnaires may be utilized.
    • All students and staff may be required to wear masks or other facial coverings for at least part of the day or possibly in specific areas of buildings.
    • Nonessential visitors, volunteers and outside groups will be limited on school grounds.
    • Students will be kept in small cohort groups as much as possible.
    • Assemblies and group gatherings will be limited.
    • Alternative classroom spaces will be considered for students with special health care needs.
    • Social distancing will be observed and practiced to the fullest extent possible.
    • Class sizes could vary and bell schedules could be staggered/altered to minimize traffic in hallways.
    • Regular hand washing for staff and students will be required.
    • The number of shared items in a classroom/school will be reduced.
    • All students, along with bus drivers and monitors, will be required to wear masks or other facial coverings while on school buses.
    • Enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization will take place multiple times per day.
    • Expanded communication at district, school, and classroom levels.

    To be safe and effective, this reopening plan requires the full cooperation and understanding of students, staff, and families. Because there is no blueprint for dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, we will also be prepared with a plan that provides for significant flexibility.


    Is it possible that we'll return to Remote Learning in the 2020-2021 school year?

    Should a virus outbreak require us to send home a cohort, classroom, school or close the district, we will be prepared to return to our Remote Learning platform and programming that we implemented this spring.


    What if I am not comfortable sending my child to attend school in-person?

    While we are actively focused on developing plans for students and families who are ready to attend in-person school, we are also providing options for students and families who are not ready or medically able to attend school in-person yet. We are establishing a new, K-12 Fountain-Fort Carson Virtual Academy (FFCVA) to provide an option for students to enroll who are not ready to attend school in-person. FFCVA will offer a comprehensive, high quality, online education that will look different than remote learning this spring. You can expect more information on FFCVA, including how to enroll, to be available in July.


    Will other school districts open schools in the same way?

    It is our understanding that neighboring school districts in El Paso County will plan to reopen with a similar model and we will all continue to work collaboratively to share best practices and strategies.