• Dear Fountain Middle School Parents and Guardians,


    As we continue to embark on this new way of delivering education and living for the immediate future, we are reminded of the many current and future needs of our students. Fountain Middle School will continue with its distance education plan where instruction will be implemented on Tuesday-Friday as it has for the previous weeks. We have seen a high degree of student participation using Schoology, and it would appear that, as a community, we have started to establish comfort with the use of the program. Overall, we are seeing an average usage of 95% of students accessing content each day. This usage looks differently for all students. For some, it may be accessing one assignment in a class, while for others they are consistently joining conferences with teachers throughout the day. We understand that every student and family are in a different position with their ability to consistently engage in distance learning. Please remember if you have any questions or concerns that are technology related, many questions and resources can be accessed at https://www.ffc8.org/domain/1473.


    2020-2021 Student Scheduling


    As we continue to prepare to eventually be capable of facilitating in-person education, we are approaching when we would typically have students choose course preferences for the next academic year. It is extremely important that students provide preferences in Electives Courses, programs, etc. to allow FMS to provide each student with the individual education programming they prefer. In the absence of making course selections, students are assigned classes based on availability, not preference.


    This coming week, FMS will be opening Infinite Campus to students to begin making their course preferences. To help with this process, we have developed a series of resources for your use. All course preferences and resources will be provided through your student’s Access Teacher and Period. Within Schoology, your student has an Access Course that occurs within our Advisory Program. Your student should know how to access that course within Schoology, and will have access to all the resources Monday, April 20th.


    It is extremely important that your student enters their Elective Preferences into Infinite Campus, and completes any program applications they plan to pursue. In addition to all the resources you and your student have available in your student’s Access Course within Schoology, I have included the following supports, which are also found in Schoology:


    1. Fountain Middle School 2020-2021 Course Description Book – This booklet contains everything one could possibly need to know about courses, programs, and scheduling for Fountain Middle School. It also has descriptions of all courses, including a number of newly implemented courses for next year.

    2. 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade Registration Sheets – These one-page resources contain courses that are specific to each grade level, and are a great all-in-one tool for registering for courses. They do not contain course descriptions. In order to read more about the courses, you will need to use the Course Description Book.

    3. How to register in IC – This is a PDF that will support students in loading their course preferences directly into IC.

    4. FMS Pathway Outline – This form provides guidance on the 6 Career Pathways available at FMS. This document helps provide clarity on scheduling options that are important for students.


    8th Grade 2021-2022 Registration Sheet FMS

    7th Grade 2021-2022 Registration Sheet FMS


    FMS Course Catalog 2021-22

    FMS Pathway Outline

    How to Register in Infinite Campus