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    Here at Carson Middle School we offer a variety of clubs for our students to be involved in and enjoy.


     Clubs are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays with supporting activity busses runnign at 4:30pm on those days 

    Students that are interested in joining these clubs may contact the club sponsors at the email contacts listed below. 


    American Sign Language Club

    Sponsor- kathrynjohnson@ffc8.org


    Art Club

    Do you enjoy being creative?  Did you find Art to be fun and relaxing?  Join the Fine Art Club!  This club, hosted by Mrs. Lutz, is open to all grades and skill levels.  We will focus on creating sculptures with clay as well as use the pottery wheel.  Some sculptures might be functional, such as keepsake boxes, while others might be decorative, such as large fantasy castles.  Each artist will have a choice in what they create!   

    When:  Every Thursday starting April 22nd and ending May 20th.

    Where:  A124, Pottery Studio

    Time:  3:30- 4:30 PM

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    Band Club


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    Choir Club



    Any student who enjoys singing and missed having the opportunity to join choir this year are welcome to come join the Choir Club after school with Mrs. Lauer. The choir club will meet two times a week- Tuesdays for black team students and Thursdays for gold team students- and learn a few songs to perform at the end of the year. (At this point, the method of performance is undetermined based on Covid regulations but more information will be sent out to parents as more details are determined). Students will focus on presenting good vocal techniques while learning  songs in multiple parts. The music for this club will be more popular tunes from Broadway mainstream media presented in a choral format. All students who join the choir club will be provided a personal face shield that will be cleaned after every use. If students are already participating in sports/athletics and concerned about not being able to participate in both activities, please have them see Mrs. Lauer to discuss possible scheduling issues.


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    Knowledge Bowl

    Sponsor- mbideau@ffc8.org

    Knowledge Bowl is an academic and trivia based competition. In small groups you will compete against other schools to see who the “smartest” school is! Questions range from Math to History and Current Events to Sports! Everyone can bring something to the table!  

    Heart and Sole Running Club

    Sponsor- rhunter@ffc8.org

    Heart and Sole is a club for middle school girls that focuses on social and emotional growth through running. Throughout the season we focus on making healthy friendships, being a part of a team, and growing in personal values. You don't have to be a runner to be a part of H&S!  

    For more information and to complete registration for Heart and Soul please join the Heart and Soul Schoology page! Classroom code: 



    JROTC Club

    JROTC ends on March 16th and will begin again in August!

    Sponsor- acrews@ffc8.org 

    This club is designed to give an introduction to the military. Learn about Army values and how to perform Drill and Ceremony. Come and learn about Military traditions and history. This club performs honors during assembly for the National anthem. Wondering if the military life is for you? Come and get a glimpse of what it looks like.  Club Meetings begin at 3:40pm

    Meeting ID  - 826 2495 3584

    Security Passcode- 5xpsAu 

    Invite Link  -https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88468764801?pwd=ajAvZzRIQXZ0K1lCY3cyQmZPVzE1UT09


    Mountain Bike Club



    Outdoor Adventure Club

    Sponsor- ahiggins@ffc8.org

    This club will provide middle school students opportunities to try new activities outdoors utilizing the unique mountain environment we live in. We believe that getting youth outdoors has positive health benefits and can change lives. It can also influence academics and future career choices. This club will get students outdoors and engaged with the natural world around them.


    STEM Club

     Sponsor- kgilbreth@ffc8.org 

    Every year, our school district has a competition where students of all ages show off their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Unfortunately, due to COVID, last year we were not able to celebrate 3 Carson Middle School students that took home the top prize for the Math portion of the competition, and we would like to shine the spotlight on them today. These students beat the best-of-the-best, including ALL of the high school teams! In the competition, they designed and correctly estimated the finances needed for building a model hotel, on the spot, and all within 1 hour! Please put your hands together for students Calista Castro, Ellery Anderson, and Emberlin Reid! Congratulations ladies.


    We will be adding to this list of clubs in coming weeks.  Please visit the CMS Club website for additional information on all of our clubs and check back regularly for more updates!



    For more information please visit each clubs page.

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