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    Here at Carson Middle School we offer a variety of clubs for our students to be involved in and enjoy.


     Clubs are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays with supporting activity busses departing at 5:00 pm on those days. 

    Students that are interested in joining these clubs may contact the club sponsors at the email contacts listed below. 


    American Sign Language Club

    Sponsor- kathrynjohnson@ffc8.org


    Anime or Otaku Club 

    Sponsor- azupans@ffc8.org

    Anime or Otaku Club is for anyone that enjoys anime trivia, manga, cosplay, anime screenings, art contests and/or potlucks. We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Listen to daily announcements for upcoming meetings. To sign up for Amine Club go to "Groups" in Schoology and type in the following access code: 8CZ6-NN9N-W7Q67


    Art Club

    Sponsor- sarahlutz@ffc8.org

    New Art Club sign-up is available for 2nd semester.  Please click on the link below and fill out the google form.  All members are required to complete the form.  You will receive a Schoology club page invite once the club begins.

    Art Club will start Tuesday, February 1, 2022. 

    Meets every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 pm.

    Where:  A124, Pottery Studio

     Sign Up Here!


    Band Club


    Sign Up Here!


    Club Beyond 


    Club Meets- Every Thursday after school until 4:30 in the art room- 124


    Dungeons and Dragons Club

    Sponsor- rhudson@ffc8.org

    Meet on Tuesdays and our first meeting will be September 21 in room (A120). 

    Students of all grade levels welcome, no prior experience necessary. Students will be provided a character sheet. An electronic PDF of the player's handbook is available at no cost, a link on a schoology page dedicated to the club is posted. 

    There are also free online dice-rolling sites so if a student does not want to or is unable to purchase a set of polyhedral dice, then that option is available, though students are more than welcome to bring their own dice set should they so desire. 

    The first two meetings of the club are important, as students will be character-building . Students who move to the area and begin school at a later date will  be accommodated and caught up, but students who are currently enrolled and are interested in joining are strongly encouraged to come to the first two meetings to discuss characters, the setting, and club expectations/rules. 



    Sponsors- vbarrett@ffc8.org   kdeliberto@ffc8.org

    GSA offers a safe space for students who may identify as part of the LGBTQ community. Discussing topics like representation, mental health, and overall support.

    Meets Every Tuesday @ 3:30 pm, RM 126! 



    Knowledge Bowl

    Sponsor- kdenardo@ffc8.org    dwintermute@ffc8.org

    Knowledge Bowl is an academic and trivia based competition. In small groups you will compete against other schools to see who the “smartest” school is! Questions range from Math to History and Current Events to Sports! Everyone can bring something to the table!  

    Heart and Sole Running Club

    Sponsor- rhunter@ffc8.org

    Heart and Sole is a club for middle school girls that focuses on social and emotional growth through running. Throughout the season we focus on making healthy friendships, being a part of a team, and growing in personal values. You don't have to be a runner to be a part of H&S!  

    For more information and to complete registration for Heart and Soul please join the Heart and Soul Schoology page! Classroom code: 



    Mountain Bike Club



    Mountain Bike Club does not meet between October and March. Club will resume in SPRING 2022

    SIGN UP HERE! - 





    Outdoor Adventure Club

    Sponsor- ahiggins@ffc8.org

    Outdoor Adventure Club Trip

    Outdoor club will provide middle school students opportunities to try new activities outdoors utilizing the unique mountain environment we live in. We believe that getting youth outdoors has positive health benefits and can change lives. It can also influence academics and future career choices. This club will get students outdoors participating in various activities and engaged with the natural world around them, while having fun!



    We will be adding to this list of clubs in coming weeks.  Please visit the CMS Club website for additional information on all of our clubs and check back regularly for more updates!



    For more information please visit each clubs page.

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