• Welte Education Center is #Wolfpackstrong and we truly are one big family here!


    We aim to keep diverse students in a safe learning culture that incorporates social and emotional skills with challenging academics in order to create individuals who are proactive in their family, community, and work setting.

    We are an alternative high school that supports students in graduating with a high school diploma. Our small size offers much one-on-one support for students. We are a trauma-invested school, which means that we are very aware of and sensitive to issues that may exist in our students’ lives. Our staff has been trained in meeting students where they are at and building them up both academically and emotionally, to overcome any challenges that are in their way.



    Our Staff

    The staff of Welte Education Center consists of classroom teachers 9th through 12th grade, teachers of, physical education, art, English as a second language, culinary arts, computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and special education. There are three custodians; two secretaries; three food service personnel; a counselor and school social worker; an instruction coach; and, of course, our Principal and Assistant Principal. 

    Welte also houses the Fountain Fort Carson Online Academy (FFCOA) program. This program has three full-time teachers who support students in grade 6-12. This is an application-based program for students who thrive in an online environment.

    Additional services are provided by a full-time time nurse, school resource officer, and district physical and occupational therapists. 


    Interesting Facts

    • Welte is the home of the “Wolfpack.” Our official school mascot logo, the Wolf, was designed by a former student.
    • Our students can take part in career pathways of engineering, biomedical science, culinary arts and computer science.
    • Many of our students also attend Pikes Peak Community College for a concurrent enrollment program.
    • We are currently exploring more “Leaning Through Interests” strategies, where students can learn based upon their interests.
    • Our Sources of Strength student group, and our Student Council plan most of the whole school activities that take place
    • We great our students every day with handshakes, high fives and fist bumps every day they enter the building.