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    Patriot Parents/Guardians,

    Patriot has concluded our annual parent survey after collecting over 230 responses. The School Accountability and Accreditation Committee (SAAC) appreciates everyone who took time to answer questions and provide feedback pertaining to student achievement, safety, and communication. We have reviewed the results and want to highlight a few areas of success gathered from the survey, as well as a few areas that continue to be of concern for parents at Patriot Elementary. As you review the results of the data, please understand the results only reflect the perceptions of the parents that completed the survey, which is only a percentage of our total parent population.

    1. An overwhelming majority of parents believe that Patriot Elementary is a school that sets high expectations for students and prepares students for tomorrow’s responsibilities. Parents believe that their children are prepared for the next grade level academically, socially, emotionally, and they also think that essential skills such as time management, organization, advocacy, and communication are taught to their children in the school setting.

    2. During the 2018-2019 Patriot Parent Survey, parents indicated they felt as though the school environment was an inviting place for parents. Parent perception was positive when it came to whether or not they felt as though they are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education. Over 93 percent of parents who completed the survey also reported that their child and they themselves felt as though they are treated with respect.

    3. To date, Patriot has logged over 1800 volunteer hours, which shows that parents feel as though the school is an inviting place for parents to be and that they are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education. Patriot Elementary would like to work on encouraging parents to take an active role in the PTO and other ways that they can seek volunteer opportunities throughout the school year through classroom academic support, help with family night events, and special events hosted by the school such as Field Day.

    4. In general, parents feel as though communication from the district, administration, PTO, and classroom teachers is timely and adequate and they feel informed about important issues, initiatives, and events. Parents report that teachers respond to any concerns that they have about the needs of their child. In terms of communication from teachers, while most parents felt that they are receiving the right amount of communication from their child’s classroom teacher, about 25 percent of parents are advocating for more, so this will be an area that Patriot Elementary will need to gather some additional input on from parents to see more specifically what they want communication about and in what ways it is best to communicate with parents.

    5. An area of concern for Patriot parents was centered on the issue of bullying. While about 88 percent of parents believe that adults in the school respond with action when students are bullied, there are still about 35 percent of parents who are reporting that their child has been bullied within the last school year. With the percentage of those students that have been bullied, only about 68 percent of parents believe that the right steps were taken and roughly 27 percent of parents do not believe that situations
    involving bullying were actively addressed or resolved. Many efforts have been made during the 2018-2019 school year to educate students and parents about the difference between rude, mean, and bullying behavior and students have made progress in identifying behaviors in a variety of situations. We want to focus efforts on meeting the needs of our parents and students by providing education opportunities around bullying prevention in the future due to parent interest in parent classes centered on How to Bully Proof My Child.

    6. With over 90 percent of Patriot’s student population being military dependent, and with about 80 percent of families reporting deployment of at least one parent during the 2018-2019 school year, ensuring that supports are in place for families transitioning to Patriot is also an important focus. According to the Parent Survey, Teacher Meet and Greets, Parent Meetings, and Orientation Days are the preferred practices to support parents and students as students transition from one school year to the next, however; times that parents are available to attend these events varies greatly. We will need to look how we can continue to support families during transitions from year to year, including new families to the school since about 38 percent of our students were new to Patriot during the school year.

    7. A community service that is very important to the families of Patriot Elementary is having tutoring services available for their children. Many of the teachers at Patriot Elementary dedicate time before or after school hosting clubs for Patriot Academy, many of them focusing on enrichment activities. In the future, as a school, we need to see how we can encourage teachers to provide tutoring services in the area of ELA and mathematics for students who would benefit.

    8. An overwhelming majority of parents report that their child feels safe at school. The district has focused on the safety and security of all schools and has worked hard to implement the use of a School Resource Officer in all High School, Middle School, and Elementary Schools. Patriot Elementary is no exception to that. During the 2018-2019 school year, Patriot had a variety of different SRO’s to support the school. Beginning in the Fall of the 2019-2020 school year, we will have our very own assigned SRO to support students and staff with safety and security.

    9. Attendance has become an area of focus for Patriot and it is recognized that students who are in school are more successful. The majority of parents agreed with this statement, but 26% of parents also responded that they felt it was ok for students to take a day off now and again, even when not sick. Patriot will continue to work with district to discuss how explore the contradictory sets of values. Patriot appreciates the 13% who reported there are circumstances at home that prevent children from attending school. Patriot is dedicated to supporting those families and student attendance.

    Patriot appreciates the time spent taking the parent survey so improvements based on feedback may be implemented. Parent communication and students’ safety are both important as we work together to create learning environment where students not only succeed academically, but socially, physically, and behaviorally. Please feel free to reach out to the principal at any time regarding concerns, feedback and comments.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Canon