Degrees and Certifications:

Officer Morris

School Resource Officer Craig Morris began his SRO journey in August 2018. Prior to his duty assignment as an SRO, Officer Morris was with the Patrol Division of the Fountain Police Department. He has always had an interest in Law Enforcement that dates back to his youth, where he and childhood friends often envisioned themselves as police officers. After attending high school in Las Vegas, Officer Morris began travelling the world, including visiting Europe and Southeast Asia. After several years of seeing the world from the inside out, he attended and graduated from UCCS with a degree in Geography and Environmental Science.

Officer Morris enjoys his daily experiences with the Eagleside students, staff, and families he has had the opportunity to meet and serve. The best part of being an SRO is interacting with students. Once, when an Eagleside parent was visiting during lunch, the parent asked Officer Morris which child was his. Officer Morris responded by saying “all of them,” in reference to the third grade students who were all eating at the time. It struck him that by responding in such a way, without hesitation, he must have really settled into his role as an SRO at the school, along with which comes the possessiveness of wanting to protect the students.

Officer Morris states that “doing the right thing” is the best advice he has ever been given, and he works to live up to that standard in his interactions with students, parents, families, staff and his law enforcement colleagues daily. Officer Morris is genuinely happy at the end of each day at school and says that this satisfaction encourages him to develop new relationships and nurture those he has begun every day. He is intensely positive and enjoys the energy and pace that being in the school brings to his life and SRO workplace. Eagleside Elementary is fortunate to have an SRO with a broad view of the world, a positive energy and an attitude that reflects his excitement and enthusiasm about working with FFC8 students to provide a safe and nurturing school community.