Welcome to Assessments

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is dedicated to ensuring that students receive accurate and timely feedback that enables them to own their learning trajectory and chart a purposeful path towards success. Assessments, both formal and informal, play a critical role in providing students, educators, and parents with valuable information about student learning. In FFC8, we believe that a student’s progress is measured not by one assessment at a moment in time, but rather by a body of evidence that paints a picture of the whole student.  Our educators are eager to help bring assessment results to life in context with all measures of student learning including, but not limited to, projects and performances, common grade or subject level assessments, teacher created quizzes and tests, as well as other diagnostic tests administered throughout the school year. We look forward to partnering with all members of our community in using assessment to create meaningful feedback loops in service of the whole student.  

  • Sed Keller
    Director for Student Achievement Research, Evaluation, and Assessment

    Phoebe Owens
    Administrative Assistant