• Carson Middle School prides itself on serving the children and families of the most dedicated American citizens – the men and women of the United States Army. When you enter the base and pass through the security checkpoint, a soldier will always say, “Steadfast and Loyal”. This is a thoughtful reminder that our efforts to educate the whole child at Carson Middle School is in support of a far greater mission to protect and preserve the United States Constitution and the security of our nation. It is within this spirit of service that we plan, execute, and inspire the learning environment at Eagle Nation!

    Our primary focus is to develop students into critical, reflective thinkers with the knowledge and skills to develop and refine their passion for learning.  Our goal is to integrate technology, co-curricular programs, and rigorous educational programs to meet the needs of our ever-changing, diverse community. As an AVID school our students are challenged and supported to become lifelong learners empowered to contribute to society.

    Our entire staff takes great pride in the educational achievements of your children. We have developed and implemented learning benchmarks, aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards, in reading, writing, language arts, mathematics and science. Furthermore, we work with our students on setting goals, guided by the Colorado Essential Skills, that impact their approach to school and beyond. Students conduct Success Conversations and continuously improve on self-reflection guided by a teacher mentor. We are proud of our wonderful students, and their educational accomplishments are a tribute to their parents, the leadership of teachers, the efforts of support staff members, and parent volunteers.



    Our Staff

    The staff of Carson Middle School consists of classroom teachers in grades 6th through 8th, elective teachers for music, physical education, art, STEM, business and finance, wood shop, English as a second language, Spanish, speech therapy, and special education. CMS has myriad support staff, instructional experts, and experienced administrators - four secretaries, food service personnel, three grade level school counselors, a library media specialist, an instructional coach, talented and gifted coordinator, principal, dean of students, and two assistant principals.

    Additional services are provided by a school psychologist, a full-time nurse, and district physical and occupational therapists.  In addition to these employees, we are fortunate to have a number of volunteers from our community who assist with many of our programs through our parent volunteer group.

    Interesting Facts

    • Carson Middle School is located on Fort Carson and currently serves 648 students, of which most are affiliated with the military.
    • We are one of the few public middle schools located on a military installation, and constructed in 1956.
    • We offer students the opportunity to participate in a wide-range of extra-curricular clubs, activities, and sports.
    • We maintain and operate an outdoor learning space in partnership with Fort Carson.
    • We are currently designing a community garden and “Farm to Table” nutrition project with the Fort Carson Housing Department.