• This year, FMS will be implementing an Advisory period at the end of the day called Trojan Time.  This time will pair students with a grade level teacher and other students in their same grade (but not necessarily their team) and will focus on character development and team building.  It will also allow students access to their classroom teachers twice per week to make up work or get some added support when needed.  Throughout the year, we will hold school wide team building competitions and events to boost teamwork, cooperation and connectedness to FMS and each other.  Please read below for some more information on the mission of Trojan Time.


    The FMS Advisory Program “Trojan Time”

    Trojan Time teachers will engage students in character development, team building, and provide academic support.  Teachers will work purposefully to teach respect for self and others and to develop a sense of community and stewardship at FMS and beyond.  Through this time, teachers and students develop a strong rapport with one another and will encourage and challenge one another to be their best in all aspects.  Teachers will support students as they set goals and monitor progress and will assist students in providing updated communication to parents via a digital resume.  Trojan time will aim to develop leaders, teammates, responsible citizens to the community and engaged learners.


    Trojan Time…

    • Provides a place for students to find community with one another and one educator who builds student social/emotional capacities, mentors, advocates for, and provides daily accountability of character and academics
    • Builds trust, rapport, team building and friendship
    • Creates opportunities for students in multiple advisories to come together to engage in friendly competition and team building events
    • Sets apart a specific time in each school day for educators to teach lessons on character development, and for students to be reflective on their goals and academics
    • Allows for student ACCESS to their teachers for additional academic conferencing and support