• What is AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)?

    AVID is an elective class offered to selected students who would like to prepare for success in middle school, high school and beyond. In middle school, our task is to prepare our students to succeed in higher level courses and college preparatory high school classes. Students in the AVID program are less likely to require remediation courses in college, get accepted to the college of their own choice, and are more likely to finish college within 4 years. Students will learn specific skills in the AVID course that will help them achieve in all courses.

    The AVID elective class meets each day for the entire school year. The curriculum focuses on teaching students time management skills, study skills, and strategies that benefit students in their core classes to increase enrollment in honors courses and improve overall grade point averages. Twice a week, students will participate in tutorials wherein tutors provide content area support in math, English, social studies and science. One day a week will be set aside for motivational activities including college and career activities, guest speakers, and field trips.


    What are the requirements to be in the AVID elective?

     AVID is open for student who:

    • have average to high test scores
    • 2.0-3.5 GPA
    • good attendance
    • desire and determination
    • potential to take an honors course with support


    Need more information?

    Email Stacie Hogue at shogue@ffc8.org