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Section J Policies - Students

Section J contains policies, regulations and exhibits on students -- admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, suspension and expulsion, health and welfare, records, publications and school-related activities.

Scroll to bottom for policy PDFs.

JB                          Equal Educational Opportunities

JBB                       Sexual Harassment

JC                         School Attendance Areas

JEB                       Entrance Age Requirements

JF                          Admission and Denial of Admission

JF-R                      Admission and Denial of Admission (Procedures for Students in Out-of-Home Placements) – Regulation

JFABB                   Admission of Non-Immigrant Foreign Exchange Students

JFABB-R               Admission of Non-Immigrant Foreign Exchange Students – Regulation

JFABD                   Homeless Students

JFBA                     Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment (Out-of-Zone Students)

JFBA-R                 Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment (Out-of-Zone Students) — Regulation

JFBB                     Inter-District Choice/Open Enrollment (Out-of-District Students)

JFBB-R                 Inter-District Choice/Open Enrollment (Out-of-District Students) — Regulation

JFC                       Student Withdrawal from School/Dropouts

JFC-R                   Student Withdrawal from School/Dropouts — Regulation

JH                         Student Absences and Excuses

JHB                       Truancy

JIC                        Student Conduct

JICA                     Student Dress Code

JICC                     Student Conduct in School Vehicles

JICDA                   Code of Conduct

JICDE                   Bullying Prevention and Education

JICEA                   School-Related Student Publications

JICEA-R               School-Related Student Publications (School Publications Code) — Regulation

JICEC                   Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials

JICF                     Secret Societies/Gang Activity

JICH                     Drug and Alcohol Involvement by Students

JICH-R                 Drug and Alcohol Involvement by Students — Regulation

JICI                      Weapons in School

JIH                       Student Interviews, Interrogations, Searches and Arrests

JIHB                     Parking Lot Searches     

JJA-1                   Student Organizations

JJF                       Student Activities Funds

JK                         Student Discipline

JK-R                     Student Discipline — Regulation

JK*-2                   Discipline of Students with Disabilities    

JKA                      Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint

JKA-R                  Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint — Regulation

JKBA                    Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

JKBA-R                Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

JKD/JKE               Suspension/Expulsion of Students

JKD/JKE-R           Suspension/Expulsion of Students — Regulation

JKG                       Expulsion Prevention

JLCB                     Immunization of Students

JLCC                    Communicable/Infectious Diseases

JLCD                    Administering Medications to Students

JLCD-R                Administering Medications to Students — Regulation

JLCDA                 Students with Food Allergies

JLCDC                 Medically Necessary Treatment in School Settings

JLCE                    First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

JLCE-R                First Aid, CPR, AED Training— Regulation

JLCEA                 Students with Special Health Needs

JLCEA-R             Students with Special Health Needs (Implementation and Protocol for CPR Directives) — Regulation

JLDAC                 Screening/Testing of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders)

JLF                      Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection

JLJ                      Physical Activity

JQ                       Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JRA/JRC             Student Records/Release of Information on Students

JRA/JRC-R         Student Records/Release of Information on Students (Review, Amendment and Hearing Procedures) – Regulation

JRA/JRC-E-2      Opt-Out Form for Disclosure of Information to Military Recruiters

JRCA                   Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and State Agencies

JRCB                   Privacy and Protection of Confidential Student Information

JRCB-R               Privacy and Protection of Confidential Student Information (Hearing and Complaint Procedures) - Regulation

JS                        Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications