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Section G Policies - Personnel

Section G contains policies, regulations and exhibits on all school employees except the superintendent (found in Section C - General Administration).  The category is divided into three main divisions:  GB contains policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; GC refers to instructional and administrative staff; and GD refers to support or classified staff.

Scroll to bottom for policy PDFs.

GBA                      Open Hiring/Equal Employment Opportunity

GBAA                    Sexual Discrimination and Harassment

GBEA                     Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest

GBEA-E                 Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest — Exhibit

GBEB                     Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities)

GBEB-R                 Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities) – Regulation

GBEB-R 2              Staff Conduct (And Responsibilities) – Regulation

GBEBA                  Staff Dress Code

GBEC                     Drug-Free Workplace (Drug and Alcohol Use by Staff Members)

GBEE                     Staff Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications

GBGA                    Staff Health (And Medical Examination Requirements)

GBGA-R                Staff Health (And Medical Examination Requirements) – Regulation

GBGB                    Staff Personal Security and Safety

GBGD                    Workers’ Compensation

GBGE                    Staff Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave

GBGF                    Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave

GBGF-R                Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave — Regulation

GBGG                   Staff Annual Leave

GBGI                     Staff Military Leave

GBGK                    Staff Legal Leave

GBI                        Criminal History Record Information

GBJ                       Personnel Records and Files

GBK                      Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances

GBK-R                   Staff Concerns/Complaints/Grievances (Grievance Procedure) — Regulation

GCD                      Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays

GCE/GCF              Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GCFA                     Hiring of Instructional Staff/Portability of Nonprobationary Staff

GCI                         Professional Staff Development

GCO                       Evaluation of Licensed Personnel

GCO-R                   Evaluation of Licensed Personnel - Regulation

GCQA                     Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQC/GCQD        Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff

GCQC/GCQD-R    Resignation of Instructional Staff/Administrative Staff — Regulation

GCQF                    Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff (And Contract Non-Renewal)

GCQF-R                Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff (And Contract Non-Renewal) — Regulation

GCS                      Professional Research and Publishing

GD                        Support/Classified Staff

GDA                      Support Staff Positions

GDBA                   Support Staff Salary Schedules

GDBC                    Support Staff Supplementary Pay/Overtime

GDD                      Support Staff Vacations and Holidays

GDE/GDF              Support Staff Recruiting/Hiring

GDO                      Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQB                    Resignation of Support Staff

GDQD                   Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff