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High School & Postsecondary Planning

Postsecondary Options

A goal with out a plan is just a dream

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Developing a plan of how you will navigate your way through high school will ultimately lead you to graduation successfully. There are so many things you need to consider - the classes you choose to take, the activities you plan to participate in, and even knowing what opportunities exist to support you, will all influence your future. 

Speaking of your future... what is that going to look like?!? We want you  to graduate from Fountain-Fort Carson High School with a clear idea of what you will do following graduation. Again, there are so many options and we want you to exit our school with a plan. We have a multitude of resources to support your ability to design a quality postsecondary (after high school) plan. 

View the resources below that will help you develop a plan for your time in high school and to figure out what your next steps are after you graduate.