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Understanding CMAS Score Reports

FFC8 Philosophy of Assessment

  • Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 believes in a balanced assessment system grounded in classroom assessment as, of, and for learning where both instructional staff and students are the final users of data to empower student agency and academic growth.
  • The goal of any assessment system is for the student to “own” the assessment and use it to better understand their own learning.
  • The ultimate goal is for the student to use self assessment and feedback as they become life long learners.
  • The assessment should always benefit the student.
  • Students should be able to use the results of their assessment to describe their learning, their progress, and their goals to the trusted adults in their lives.
  • Assessments should maximize student learning time.

Assessment for learning is a core value in District 8.  It is the 3rd standard within our school effectiveness framework. Click here  (page 41) for a more detailed explanation of what assessment should look like from the students’ perspective, the teacher’s perspective, and the schools’ perspective. ​​​​​​

Assessment In A Comprehensive Assessment System Graphic

Skilled Trade Assessment In Action

Assessment In Action
Balanced Assessment System to Promote Learning Graphic


Culinary Assessment In Action


Music Assessment In Action

Music Assessment In Action!

Physics Assessment In Action

Physics Assessment In Action

Sed Keller
Director of Research/Evaluations/Assessments

Phoebe Owens
Administrative Assistant