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Welte Education Center Implements "Big Picture Learning"

Areli Rosillo Zagal

Article by Welte student, Areli Rosillo Zagal (School PR/ Journalism Job Shadow) 

This year at Welte Education Center, students are exploring a new way of learning called Big Picture Learning (BPL). BPL is a way for students to learn more about the different career paths they may want to pursue in the future. 

“It's really just allowing young people an opportunity to learn about things that they want to learn about, things that they're interested in, their passions,” said Assistant Principal, Erika Ramirez. 

One of the main objectives of BPL is to get students out of the school to experience different careers first-hand. 

“We want them to be exposed to things that maybe they wouldn't be if they were in a traditional setting or their parents can't transport them,” said Mrs. Ramirez. 

Students at Welte are experiencing a new schedule change on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On these days, students have two large advisory blocks where they can explore their passions and work on team and culture building. 

“Students really need to know who they are and their story and be able to talk to that. So that when they go out into the world, they are confident in who they are,” said Principal Cito Nuhn. 

On advisory days, students learn essential skills like how to write emails and create a resume. On some occasions, students have the opportunity to leave school and go out to see different working environments with “Leave to Learn.” 

“They can just go see what is available and what is out there. Because sometimes you don't know what you don't know. And then from there, they do their independent kind of exploration with that, maybe with the help of their advisory teacher,” said Mr. Nuhn. 

Some Leave to Learn locations students have visited include, Pot O'Gold Kustoms, the City of Fountain Fire Department, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College, and Hell Scream Haunted House.

Students then reach out for job shadows and potential internships. 

“So that when they walk away with the diploma, they actually kind of have a path where they're going and maybe even a foot in the door as to what's next for them in the next step in life,” said Mr. Nuhn. 

Students then utilize their experience from job shadows and internships to create an exhibition they present every quarter for elective credit. 

As Welte continues its Journey with BPL, staff and students are enjoying the process.

“We're just really excited about this endeavor that we're engaging in. It's really fun to see students light up and family members, too. We've heard from a lot that a lot of people say, Where was this when I was a student?” said Mr. Nuhn.