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Highschoolers Lead Afterschool Clubs at Jordahl Elementary through Partners in Education Program

Areli Rosillo Zagal

Article by student intern Areli Rosillo Zagal

A class in Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 is bringing high school and elementary school students together. 

Students at Fountain-Fort Carson High School (FFCHS) are taking a class called Partners in Education. In the class, students learn what it’s like to be a teacher by running the after-school clubs at Jordahl Elementary.

“We help manage them and we take care of the kids and we make lesson plans so that they have something to do every day after school,” said 12th grader Jazzlyn Giscombe. 

Some of the clubs the FFCHS students lead include graphic novel club, art club, board game club, and Lego club. When students aren’t teaching in Jordhal, they’re busy learning how to come up with lesson plans and team bonding. 

“Trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the week, what went well, what didn't go well for that week, and then we are like team bonding,” said 12th grader Kai Harden.

This class is also helping the students gain experience in educational pathways. Junior Natalie Fischler, says that Partners in Education has helped her choose what career path she plans on taking in the future. 

“I plan on going to college for Early Education and becoming a Kindergarten Teacher, I love working with the younger age group,” said Fischler. 

One of the biggest lessons Fischler has learned along the way is you have to be both patient and calm. 

“Being able to wait and have everything fall into place is a huge lesson that I have learned this year,” said Fischler. 

Partners in education have also helped students figure out other career paths. Harden is planning on becoming a psychologist and Partners in Education is the perfect class to help decide that. 

“I have child adolescents psychology that also helps on top. But this is definitely like one of those classes I'm happy I'm in, especially my senior year before I go off to college to say, this is what I want to do,” said Harden. 

Partners in Education teacher Mrs. Hodgin says this opportunity is helping students with leadership skills and how to build relationships after high school. She's proud of the work the students have done. 

“It's heartwarming to see the connections they have built and the kindness they consistently extend," said Mrs. Hodgin. "I am incredibly proud of how our high school students have demonstrated empathy towards the elementary students. They have shown genuine care and understanding, making the younger ones feel supported and valued." 

Partners in Education is part of a series of classes focused on educational pathways. Other courses include Education Exploration, Early Childhood Education, Child Development and Psychology, and Teacher Cadet l and ll.