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FFC8 Teacher and Student Reunited After 18 years

Miranda Lopez
Ms Hill and Joshua hug after she surprised him at the event.

Helen Hill and Joshua Wright hadn't seen each other in 18 years. Ms. Hill was Joshua’s second-grade teacher at Mesa Elementary in 2005. In 2023, Joshua is now 24 years old. 

On Tuesday, May 9, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 (FFC8) held its annual Retirement Open House, to honor retirees leaving the district. It was at this event that Hill and Joshua were reunited. Joshua was requested to stop by the district’s administration building that afternoon, having no idea he’d get to see this teacher once again. 

It was an emotional reunion filled with hugs and tears. The two reminisced about Joshua’s time as a student and what they are both up to now. 

“It’s great to hear that he still loves to read. He was always a reader and would read stories to us. And he could also tell a story and bring it to life through his animated expressions and emotions,” said Ms. Hill.

Joshua told her about how he travels to New York to see shows. He also participates in theater and will be auditioning for Cinderella. Ms. Hill says she’s not surprised. She still remembers hearing all about Joshua’s school performance of Tin Man at Fountain-Fort Carson High School. She’s excited to attend one of his shows in the future and cheers him on. 

Joshua says Ms. Hill made a big impact on his life. It meant a lot for him to be able to see her again.  

“I would not be where I am now as a reader—and as an overall person—had it not been for Ms. Hill,” said Joshua. “Ms. Hill is not just a good teacher; she is a great teacher. She was fun, engaging, patient, and, above all else, loving.”

Although the two haven’t seen each other in years, they aren’t far from one another. Ms. Hill is still at Mesa and is now an interventionist. Joshua is now a bus monitor for FFC8. 

Their story shows just how the influence of a dedicated teacher extends beyond the classroom walls. As the saying goes, “Teachers plant seeds that grow forever.”