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Colorado Springs eye doctor brings free exams to Aragon Elementary

Miranda Lopez
Male student gets his eyes checked by an optometrist at Aragon elementary

An eye doctor in Colorado Springs is bringing eye exams to schools to make exams more accessible for families. This week, Eye Love Care set up shop in the nurse's office at Aragon Elementary School. Staff transformed the room into an optometrist's office with all the equipment you would see at the eye doctors. Over 150 students at Aragon signed up to get their eyes checked, many for the first time.

“Checking a child’s developmental health is very important because if you catch something early, you can have a better chance at fixing it,” said Keegan Meyer, Eye Love Care Co-owner.

This is a part of a new program the company launched called “No Vision Left Behind.” Eye Love Care is going to Title 1 schools across Colorado Springs offering comprehensive eye exams to students at no cost. This includes internal and external eye checks, dilation, and refraction to see if kids need a prescription. Glasses are provided at no charge if needed. Students get to pick out a pair of glasses right there at the school.

“This has been the most amazing opportunity for our community.  We are deeply appreciative of this resource being provided within the school,” said Aragon Principal Tracey Landrum. “Watching the students light up as they get to pick out their eyeglass frames has deepened the capacity for which we are able to show students they are cared for and loved.”

 The owners of Eye Love Care say their goal is to reach as many schools and students as they can. That way they can catch any eye problems that may hinder a child’s education.

“It’s hard for the kids to learn if they can’t see what the teacher is writing on the whiteboard,” said Dr. Matt Peterson, Eye Love Care Co-owner. “It feels nice to be able to come in and set the students up for success while also making it easy on the parents so that they don't have to take off of work or drive.”

Once students complete the exam, the doctor fills out a sheet with information for them to bring home.

Overall, students seemed to have fun during the check-up admiring all the cool-looking, eye exam technology and trying on all the different styles of glasses.

A table full of glasses for students to try on after getting their eyes checked through the "No Vision Left Behind" program


Aragon female student gets her eyes checked at school by an Optometrist


A child gets his eyes checked by an optometrist at Aragon elementary


Child gets his lenses fitted to fit his face